First Impressions of Jo’burg

wits-campus-aerial-long-shotALTHOUGH I am only a few days into my research trip, my mind already feels more at ease than it has for months, now that I have arrived in Johannesburg.

In truth, there were many times these last few months when I probably wasn’t the best company in the world, particularly if you were a member of my family, given that most wonderful human tendency of taking out your stresses on those that love you most.

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Malcolm, Hunter and Victor

image001THERE are a number of questions that are best avoided when speaking with PhD candidates, including ‘How long have you left?’ and ‘Where will you work when you’re finished?’

One question that PhD students will regularly ask themselves, though, is ‘Why am I doing this?’ Depending on the stage that they are at in their research and how close to their wits’ end they are on that day, often they will struggle to come up with a satisfactory answer.

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