Nigeria – Part Two

imageedit_2_7070001654WITH bundles of naira packed underneath stacks of CDs in the centre console compartment, we started the drive to Abeokuta. A few kilometres from Murtala Muhammed Airport, the road widened out to the width of about four or five lanes. There were no road markings, which made for something of a white-knuckle ride as we participated in a weaving high-speed procession with other vehicles. Continue reading

Nigeria – Part One

naira picHAVING confirmed that my travel insurance would cover the cost of replacing the half a tooth I’d parted ways with in Nairobi, I set off for Jomo Kenyatta airport with my fellow stranded travellers at 4am the next morning, so as to avoid the sea of people and vehicles that would flood the streets shortly after light. Continue reading



THIS past week has been about as eventful as any I’ve previously had, so rather than trying to squash everything into one big post, I’m going to make better use of the fodder while I have it and spread it out over several blog updates. Continue reading